Complete Digital Photography


Whether you’re new to digital photography or a seasoned shooter, this latest edition of Ben Long’s popular guide is your one-stop resource for advice and clear how-to information on every aspect of digital photography, from shooting to postproduction to printing. COMPLETE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, SEVENTH EDITION starts with the basics; no prior knowledge of photography is needed.



By the end of the book, you’ll have a deep understanding of the art and technology of photography and be ready to tackle complex photographic challenges. Among the many essential elements of digital photography covered are:  Extensive details of the camera’s controls.  In-depth tutorials on the ins and outs of exposure.  Detailed chapters on seeing, composition, and the “artistry” of photography.  Full instruction in how to craft a post-production workflow that works for you.  Tutorials on all the essentials of image editing, from raw processing to retouching.  Full coverage of printing and output. Photographer Ben Long brings his extensive experience to bear, helping you over conceptual hurdles and leading you to a clear understanding of how to take great photos. With this book in hand, you will master the equipment, the process, and the art of digital photography.