Woman left in stitches by McDonald’s response after she orders extra pickles

A woman who asked for extra gherkin in her Big Mac from McDonald’s got more than she bargained for when her burger arrived with “about 30” pickles spilling out

We all have our preferences when it comes to the perfect burger fillings – some of us go for no onion, others want extra cheese.

But one woman has found her local McDonald’s is willing to go above and beyond to fulfil her request for “extra pickles”, after she got an extreme amount of the vinegary snack on top of her Big Mac.

Kirstie Gray, 25, admitted she “couldn’t be bothered” to cook when she decided to cave and order a Big Mac Meal through the McDonald’s app.

The shipping advisor, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, asked for extra onion and gherkins in her burger, and was shocked when she opened up the box to find “about 30” of the sliced pickles spilling out from between the buns.

She said: “I just couldn’t be bothered cooking and wanted a Big Mac meal.

“When I opened the Big Mac box up, I realised [just how many pickles there were].

“I was surprised but found it hilarious so I had to take a picture for everybody to see. They were inside the burger and pouring out of the side of it too.”

And although the order Kirstie received was amusing, the pickles were too much for her to eat – and she ended up binning most of them.

She added: “I scooped a lot of them out and left a generous amount, there were maybe about 30 in total. I ate about six of them, my other half had some and the rest got binned.”

The immense number of pickles hasn’t put the gherkin-loving woman off ordering extra in the future, though.

She explained: “I would hope whoever put them on did it as a laugh as surely it would be a good bit of a jar of the pickles.

“It’s not put me off asking for more pickles in future, I will still always ask for extra.”

Kirstie posted the picture of her burger on Facebook, and commenters were divided on whether the briney treat was “rancid” or “the dream”.

One person said: “This is what extra pickles should look like.”

Another wrote: “The dream.”

While others weren’t so keen, with one posting: “Yuk.”

And someone else agreed, adding: “Rancid.”

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