Woman ‘paranoid’ she’ll date a sibling after discovering more than 50 half-siblings

A woman has been left feeling ‘paranoid’ that she could accidentally meet and start dating one of her half-siblings, after discovering she has more than 50 of them via her sperm donor dad

A woman has been left scared she may accidentally date one of her brothers, after discovering she has more than 50 siblings through her sperm donor dad.

Izzy, a 23-year-old TikToker from New Jersey, US, took to the app to explain she has two mums and was conceived using a sperm donor, so decided to do a DNA test to find out her heritage.

Initially Izzy – who posts from the handle @izzyvn_98 – was surprised to learn that she’s not as Italian as she had first thought, but it wasn’t until she received a message from a random woman that things started to get strange.

“I get a message from a random woman asking if I’m related to specific person or family [because] I matched with her daughter and I said no’,” Izzy explained in a recent clip.

“So then she asks if I was a sperm baby because her daughter was too and now I’m freaking out because she could be my sister because I am a donor baby.”

The woman then sent Izzy an invite on Facebook to a group of more than 50 people, who were all conceived using the same man’s sperm, meaning she has dozens of half-siblings.

“Now there’s paranoia about overpopulation because some of them are afraid there are so many of us and we may end up dating someone who happens to be a sibling,” she added.

In a follow up clip, Izzy – who has two triplet brothers – felt “really uncomfortable” about having so many unknown siblings.

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